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moonsong ([personal profile] moonsong) wrote2011-04-19 10:40 pm

First entry

It seems appropriate that my introduction to Dreamwidth (despite having had the account for almost a year) starts with Dir en grey. I found the following post earlier, from a previous journal:

Monday, December 3, 2001

I archived and discovered Dir en grey. Check out the changes in my picks section and take a look at the older entries in the archives for more stuff.

Prior to that, they had always been a band I kept seeing pictures of online but never truly caught my attention. Until the moment one of their songs resonated with something in me. I haven't looked back since.

I'm not sure what's going to make me write here more or less than Livejournal. Considering I haven't really written much anywhere at all this year, almost anything would be a vast improvement.

As always, we'll see.

And despite my apparent slide into nostalgia, this entry must close with another band's lyrics, and my hope for the future:

No no no no, I will never forget
No no, I will never regret
No no, I will live my life.

Tomorrow marks 6 months into the start of my new life. So far it's been a frightening, exhilarating ride. I already want to change my username. I've been trying to get a journal with it for years but now, it's too much in the past. :p

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